Your thinking can make you Miss Out!

During my 3 years of being single prior to meeting my husband I kept saying ” I want a man of God who is strong,  who can lead me, who knows his word, goes to church, prays, knows scripture and blah blah blah.” I had my list down pact on how my future mate should be. As women of God, we can miss out on so much by making a list and checking it twice. So I would pray and pray to God. One day,  God told me that “you need to begin praying for a man after my heart”, if not then you are going to miss out with that thinking. So then slowly God started telling me what to pray ” God, I pray for a man after God’s own heart” AND THIS MADE THE DIFFERENCE.  I think back on my ex boyfriend. He knew the word, he knew the scripture,  he knew the Lord and that still got me no where. (no shade to him. Still friends through it all and I’m so proud of his growth).
When I met my husband, I almost let an AMAZING man go! Within the first two weeks I was going back and forth. I kept looking at what he “didn’t” do but God just kept telling me, remember your prayers “A man after my heart” LOOK AT HIS HEART TARA! So after I went past all of that and really dug deep and we shared many stories with each other, I fell in love with Quentin.  Here we are almost 3 years later and I’m like ” WOW!” The changes I see in Quentin make me simply cry. I NEVER forced him to go to church.  I never forced him to do anything and now here we are years later married and Quentin is leading me like no other.
Ladies,  don’t miss out on a great mate because “you think they don’t have it all together”. Seek God on who he wants you with! I’m so glad I listened to God and not some check list I had written out. When God kept having me pray for my future husband and writing him notes, they were SOOOO spot on that it’s crazy!
We miss out on what God has for us when we set our own limitations and don’t open our minds up to what God wants. It’s ok to have deal breakers but what if God gives you a man that has one of those deal breakers? Will you march forth and leave him in the dust and pray to find another? Will you incline your ear to what God wants and let him lead you to the right man?

4 thoughts on “Your thinking can make you Miss Out!

  1. My precious daughter …I think had myself & others had teaching & sites like these the divorce rates would be less. You are so wise…your teachings so powerful. I can’t say it enough how extremely PROUD I am of you😍😘👏❤


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