God will hold it until it’s time!

My husband and I were discussing a situation that happened and I told him a testimony that I’ll share with you all.

In 2009, while I was in college, I loaned someone $300 because they were in a dire need. Now what college student has $300 lying around but at that particular time I had the money. A month later that person paid me back the $300 in cash and instead of spending it or putting it in my account, I put it up in one of my bins. Later when I was looking for the money I guess I hid the money so good that I wasn’t able to find it.  I was so upset and aggravated that I couldn’t find the money that I eventually just got over it.

Fast Forward to 2014. I am now a college graduate. I am a new resident of Atlanta, Georgia and I am jobless.  It was almost rent time and reality was setting in… I had no job, no money and I just couldn’t muster up the strength to ask my parents to help me out so I called on the only one who could help me. JESUS! One day I felt a nudge in my spirit to just go in the basement and start cleaning up. I turn on some music, I go to the basement and I begin cleaning up and organizing my bins. Now I still had all my bins from college and I begin going through the  bins looking at pictures, documents and clothes. As I go from bin to bin, I open one bin and find the $300 from 2009!!! The way that I had a BREAK OUT up in that house. Thank God I was home alone! Lol.  I screamed, I cried! I just thanked the Lord!!! God held those 3 hundred dollars for such a time as that! He KNEW I would need that money 5 years later. I repented on the way that I acted in 2009 when I thought I “lost” the money!

At this time I learned that God will hold certain things from you until it’s time. If I had that $300 in 2009, I probably would have spent it on something useless. God knew that in 2014 I would have a greater need for that money. I thank God for hiding that money and then giving me instruction 5 years later. Now what would have happened if I didn’t follow that unction I had to clean the garage? What if I was disobedient? I would have never found that money and I would not have been able to pay my rent. It’s imperative that we learn the importance of obedience.

Let this help you in your situation.  Whether you think you lost money, a job, a friend, a car, a guy/lady. PLEASE KNOW THAT WE SERVE AN ALL KNOWING GOD! He knows what we need so surrender your thoughts to him and trust in the Lord with ALL your heart.  Remember we are COVERED.

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