Virginity is a lifestyle and mindset!

To my Christian ladies: Just because you are a “virgin” or a “born again virgin” does not give you the right to look down on our sisters who are sexually active, have been sexually active or trying to stop being sexually active.

#1. Just because they are doing it, doesn’t mean that you aren’t thinking about it. Those lustful thoughts can be just as dangerous as doing it.

#2. No you haven’t had sex but you may have done everything almost as close to doing it. Grabbing, touching, rubbing, kissing too long,  groping to create a tingling sensation, watching videos, looking a pictures, using toys, the list goes on and on. You could have done any of these things but gleam with PRIDE to say “Yes but I’m a virgin”.

#3. My older ladies, you may have been a hot one back in the day but now you are all saved and sanctified. Instead of looking at these women and girls in disgust be real, share your testimony and let them know how Jesus changed your life.

#4. Even if you have done NONE of these things, please stop and pray for that woman. Pray that they have an encounter with God to change that. Maybe stop and pray and see what the root of it is. It could be a generational curse that has gone through her family. It could be deep down self esteem issues. It could be that she has no respect for herself.  Maybe she just enjoys it but your prayers will do WAYYYYYY more for her than your smart remarks.

Your disgusting remarks have wounded so many people. They have kept people in bondage because they don’t want to talk to “Christians ” about it because they will feel judged. Yes, we are to tell the truth and spread the gospel but it is all in the WAYYYYYY that you share it and do it. Ask God for wisdom of what to say and also WHEN to say it. You are killing our sisters spirits and you don’t know what kind of demons could have used YOU AND YOUR WORDS to keep them in bondage. We as women already have slick mouths, you have the CHOICE to use it or not. We are called to love!

I’m not here to toot my own horn but my greatest evangelism tactic is honesty, transparency, love and testimonies. I lost my virginity to a man that I just KNEW I was going to marry so I rationalized have sex with him…but I was wrong. I didn’t have many sexual experiences but it never made me look down on people who did. I’ve been fortunate to talk with so many woman, young and old about their sexual past and I share about mine in hopes to bring a light to their heads. I never walked around saying “Oh girl, you have had sex with how many people?? That’s crazy!” The sad thing is, I have heard Christian women say this to other women.

I love ya’ll but we MUST DO BETTER!  #coveredladies #letsdobetter

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