Stripping Is Sometimes Necessary

When people hear the words strip, stripper or stripping they automatically think of some girl at a night club in a skimpy outfit peeling off her clothes piece by piece.

The word strip means:
1. remove all coverings from.

2.leave bare of fittings.

3. to take away or take off


In life, we sometimes have to strip or be stripped. In the course of a lifetime, sometimes God has to strip things from you to save you, to get your attention, to help you or to grow you. There are several reasons why one must go through a stripping but it is so necessary.

So let’s dive into a time when God literally stripped everything from me. God reminded me of that time in my life to help me go through this current season I am.

So let’s rewind. The setting. 2012. I’m in my Chevy HHR driving back to Miami. I was ready for this 8 hour trip home and crying while I listened to “For Your Glory” by Bishop Paul S. Morton (I told God “For your glory, I will do ANYTHING” and boy oh boy, I was truly about to be tested on my confession).

Within 6 months of being home, everything was stripped from me. I had no job, I lost genuine connections with my friends, no boyfriend, no identity (or so I thought), no place of my own (lived with my mom). I just felt like a lazy bump on the log. I went from having 2 jobs, living in a 3 bedroom apartment. Going to a church I loved. Recent college graduate. I was in a new relationship that was good for my soul (at the time) even though he had just relocated from Tallahassee himself. I just left a good space to now be in such a lonely and confusing stage in my life. I just followed the voice of God. So why did things have to be this way?


I needed to be stripped. I needed to be stripped from everything that had me bound. I needed to be stripped because I leaned on God only when I was going through a hard time. I didn’t know how to worship God whole heartedly through the good times and the bad times. I didn’t know how to truly praise the Lord. I praised God when I had money coming in, when I had a car with gas that stayed full, when I had a boyfriend, when I had late night laughs with friends. Oh yes, God was good then.

The real test came once all of those things were stripped away from me. As I look back on that time in my life, I thank God for stripping all those things away from me so that I could truly learn to love and honor the Lord. I learned discipline in that season of stripping. I learned a lot about myself in that season. I learned to lean on God as my source and to know that everything else is just a RE-source here on Earth.

No the stripping season isn’t an easy season to be in but it is so necessary. Each layer is peeled off one at a time while trying to keep a smile on your face the whole time which is how some strippers feel.

The season of stripping is sometimes apart of the journey. You may have nothing, you may have no one but you must remember that all you truly need is Jesus. Once that solid relationship is built between you and God, everything will be ok. We often times put everyone and everything before God but after you’ve been stripped, you will find out that God will NEVER leave you nor forsake you.


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