Cute & Covered

                     Welcome to the cute-n-covered corner, where we focus on the latest trends and fashions but we make sure that we keep it modest. Who said you had to wear turtle necks, pantyhose and ankle length skirts to be holy? No one! In the Cute-N-Covered Corner, we will showcase different outfit choices that are cost efficient, cute and still covered. 


Who said you can’t be cute, covered  and CLASSY? Here is a cute and covered look that was easy to put together.  I wanted to support my friends business so I ordered this cute dress for $25. I paired it with a necklace and earring set that was $7 at Walmart and the shoes were $11 at Shoe Land. 


Here is a cute, covered and COLORFUL look that I loved. I found this dress from DD’s discount that was originally $23 but I found it on clearance for $10.99. My necklace was $5 at Citi-trends and my shoes were only $15 at Shoe Land. 


Here is an easy, breezy Cute and Covered Sunday look.  I put on a $10 floral dress that I purchased from Ross with a pair of red heels that I found on sale for $12. Pretty good look for just $22. 


Here is a cute, covered and Chic look. I paired a $3 red shirt from Rainbow with an $8 skirt from ItsFashion Metro. I completed this look with a $5 necklace from Poparazzi and $10 heels from ItsFashion Metro. $26 dollars can go a long way when you are trying to create a covered look like this.